Tuesday, August 02, 2005

best BBQ in Knoxville

Somebody at Channel 10 decided to list their five favorite local BBQ joints. I'm embarrassed that I've only been to the two places in West Knoxville. They sure are right about M&M Catering on Middlebrook Pike. They praised the pork and brisket but didn't mention my favorite, the pulled chicken sandwich with a mixture of hot and mild sauce. The chicken isn't really pulled, it's actually chunks of white meat. I still need to try the brisket but it's usually sold out. My wife heard that you have to pre-order it.

The best pulled pork I've had recently was the shoulder that my wife smoked in our backyard for my birthday. Shortly after that we had our best success yet with ribs over the July 4th weekend. This week I'm getting my BBQ fix from some store-bought pork! And it's really good! It's called Cades Cove Outrageous BBQ and my wife found it in the prepared meats section at WalMart.
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Anonymous meaghan said...

can we go to the other three? i'm hungry.

Anonymous rich said...

Welcome to the blogging world! I think you'll find some similarities to radio.

For one, your looks do not count against you!

Not that you're bad looking or anything. In fact, you're kinda cute, in a geeky sort of way.

Uh oh, I'm sharing too much again, aren't I?

Blogger Monie said...

M&M's BBQ has the best pulled chicken I've ever had, and I'm from NC, which is famous for it's bbq. The plates are so big that my husband and I usually share a plate (with baked beans and slaw) for around $7 and still have leftovers. When pregnant, I craved their massive hot dogs and had them at least once a week. Hubby also loves their super-thick bologna sandwiches.

Anonymous robert said...

Real bbq in knoxville is simple smokehouse bbq & sub Shop on ashville hwy blows away all these so called bbq joints. There bbq is texas style and smoked up to 24 hours with 100% hickory logs. they have all homemade sides and also they won memphis in may peoples choice award. just try them once and you will never go anywhere else.


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