Wednesday, August 31, 2005

a couple of random TV notes

On Tuesday night's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" there was a train wreck of an interview with Vivica A. Fox. She seemed really mad at him for all his jokes about Star Jones' wedding. Vivica left after her segment. After the break, they kept the camera on a two shot of Jimmy and the empty guest chair. Lloyd Grove led off his column with the incident.

The new promo for "Alias" makes me worry about the future of one of my favorite shows:
"(gunfire sfx) These were the sounds (tires screech) of Sydney Bristow's life. (baby crying) Until now. Alias. The new season begins Thursday September 29th. 8, 7 Central. Only on ABC."
If you listen carefully I think you can also hear the sound of a motorboat, some water-skis and a swimming shark.

My friend Jessica pointed out that former WAVA intern Greg Garcia is the creator of "My Name is Earl." Check out this Boston Globe article about how the critics hated "yes, dear" but are praising Greg's new show.
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