Thursday, August 11, 2005

her dad was one of the Hudson Bros.

Kate Hudson was on the Letterman show Monday night. She told Dave that traveling with the Black Crowes could be boring, especially in some cities. Dave asked for an example and she said "Knoxville." An editorial in today's Metro Pulse suggests the city form an "Entertain Kate Hudson Committee." Since the show aired, there's been much discussion about Kate at Here's my question for you. What are your favorite things to do in Knoxville? What are some things Kate Hudson could have done while she was here? If the reports I read are true, Kate went to the Tomato Head, a vegetarian restaurant that happens to be smoke-free. No wonder she was bored. She needed a cigarette.
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Anonymous Jere said...

I think when you are forced to be in a place where you don't know anyone, or your way around. I can imagine that it isn't your favorite place to be. But it was a bit harsh to say such a thing on national television. Imagine if she came to town during a Vol game - then she would think it a really odd place.

Anonymous Misty said...

What a pleasant surprise! I was Googling for articles on Kate's Knox-bashing when your name jumped off the page. I used to listen to you every morning! I've often said you were the most hilarious radio personality I've ever heard. But anyway, back to the matter at hand:

I live in a sleepy little town just north of Knoxville, and visiting there is always the highlight of my week. I've been to big cities all over the country (Vegas, NYC, Miami, Chicago...) and while nothing compares to the Big Apple, I can't think of anything I saw in my time there that Knoxville doesn't have on a smaller scale.

There's the Frank McClung museum which has a wonderful Ancient Egyptian exhibit complete with a bona-fide mummy named Jed. Granted, it pales in comparison to the Met, but still. There's the Knoxville Museum of Art, the beautiful Tennessee Theatre (where I recently got to meet David Sedaris, who when I told him where I was from asked me if I lived in a trailer), plenty of bars with more live music than you can shake a stick at, tons of tasty eateries (Barley's Tap Room is one of my faves), and let's not forget the bookstores. In addition to the big ones like Borders, there's McKay's which is a book lover's mecca, and I recently discovered Carpe Librum. Where else will you find a bookstore whose name is Latin for "Seize the Book!"?

And I kinda liked Kate, too. Ah well. I'll keep an eye out for her new movie, "How to Lose Fans in 10 Seconds."

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I moved to Knoxville 6 months ago and Kate was right, Knoxville is very boring! People here for the most part are hicks and rednecks and the nightlife is pathetic. If you are over 30 and single you will be bored out of your mind. Avoid this city at all costs!

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

Sorry your adjustment to Knoxville hasn't gone well so far. Maybe you could sample the nightlife at our comedy improv show on Tuesday nights at Patrick Sullivan's. Check out


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