Monday, August 08, 2005

not enough reality to fill two channels

My wife and son have been watching the reruns of "The Amazing Race" on GSN and "Survivor" on OLN. They seem to enjoy it even though they know who wins. Both shows were supposed to be on a channel called Reality Central which had investors like Blake from "The Amazing Race" and Tina from "Survivor." Tina told me that their plans for Reality Central were scrapped when Fox basically stole their idea and launched the Fox Reality channel.

That reminds me. I need to write to TiVo and tell them to add Fox Reality to their channel listings. It's been available on DirecTV channel 250 for months.
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Anonymous Brad said...

Why are you wasting you time with live television when there is ONDEMAND from Comcast. I think it's the awsome feeling of power, that no matter what you want to watch, it's waiting for you to call for it. I love TV...I am TV.....Fear me.

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

Who says I'm watching live TV? My TiVo is so full that I'm starting to lose stuff I recorded back in May and haven't watched yet. I do still fear you however.

Anonymous Rich said...

On Demand rocks. Over the course of a couple of weeks I caught up on Family Bonds, Carnivale, and CatHouse *blush*, then watched The Distinguished Gentleman for the 17th time.

The DVR on the other hand is loaded with episodes of The Dead Zone that I'll watch when I have some dead time in my schedule, say sometime in 2012.


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