Monday, August 08, 2005

politics on paper, it's a mania

This blog is barely a week old and I have already received a comment from an esteemed member of the Rocky Top Brigade. My intention is merely to write some light extemporanea and frothy observations on pop culture. An editorial in the Metro Pulse caught my eye and I chose to write a blurb about it. That blurb and the Metro Pulse editorial triggered Rich Hailey's comment on the flags of the Confederacy, which deserves notice. Like many people, I did not know the difference between the "stars and bars" and the battle flag.

I realize that I don't know much about the Civil War. I'm more interested in the American Revolution and that's mainly because they made it into an entertaining musical called "1776". Actor John Cullum once told me that the show played a little fast and loose with the facts. Cullum played Edward Rutledge of South Carolina. Cullum says that the character of Rutledge was made to look like a bad guy so that the character of Thomas Jefferson could look like a good guy. Imagine that.
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Anonymous rich said...

Maybe if we made a musical about the Civil War....

Nah...that'd be in poor taste.

How about let's make a sitcom about Nazi prisoner of war camps instead!*grin*


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