Monday, August 01, 2005

some other notes from the Dukes of Hazzard premiere

Two of my favorite local TV hotties were covering the premiere. I scored hugs from both! The always pleasant Russell Biven was there too. You can kinda almost see me about 10 seconds into the video of WATE's report. I'm nodding my head as the publicist tells me to keep it short with Jessica. Click on the little red video camera on this page. I also saw myself on WVLT Saturday night but they have not yet updated their website with a link to the story.

Betsy Pickle posted her comments about the premiere on her News Sentinel blog.

A magazine reporter told me she didn't care about the premiere. She was waiting for it to end so she could follow the stars and report on whatever they did next. I guess she wanted to see if they each returned to their individual hotel rooms or if they shared.

I asked Johnny Knoxville's dad if Johnny was staying at his house here in Tennessee. He said that the movie stars were actually staying in that "big motel on Summit Hill." Classic.

WBIR's Ted Hall told the crowd that there was free popcorn, free soda and nice rooms if you needed to drop the kiddies off at the pool. He told me later that he was trying to make Jessica Simpson laugh with a reference to her "Newlyweds" show.

Mayor Haslam welcomed Johnny, Seann and "Jennifer" before realizing his mistake.

I would describe the movie as three car chases and a bikini.

talking to Johnny   eye contact with Jessica
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