Tuesday, August 02, 2005

someone died on "Six Feet Under"

I'm glad I watched this week's "Six Feet Under" before I checked the news headlines on the Internet. The first headline I saw announced the death of a major character on the show. Why did the AP announce the death in their headline? CNN.com ran a similar story with a different headline but made it clear that the story contained a spoiler.

Why is it okay to protect the secrets in the new Harry Potter book but not "Six Feet Under"? It would be different if the show aired once and wasn't repeated for months like "C.S.I." or the finale of a reality show. HBO runs "Six Feet Under" and their other original shows several times during the week for those who don't see the first showing. Of course TiVo users like me have to learn to deal with this all the time.

Speaking of Harry Potter, I'm almost finished reading the fifth book. I've had to stop reading a review of the new book because they started describing what Harry had done so far.
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Blogger Les Jones said...

Yeh, some places haven't been careful with the spoilers. Melissa and I are watching the show on DVD and just finished the second season, and I already know who died from reading blogs. Dangit.


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