Friday, August 19, 2005

they call them earworms

The song from that Levi's commercial can get stuck in your head. The song is "It Must Be Love" by Madness. In the spot, a guy throws rocks at windows until he wakes the woman who runs the laundromat. Which current commercials have the best songs?
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Anonymous Jere said...

The car commercial with the Kansas song, "Dust In The Wind" drives my husband crazy. But for me it is nostalgic. I think of my brother when I hear it, because he was a huge Kansas fan. I thinkour band in High School used to play it at basketball games too.

Anonymous jess :) said...

there is a Nissan spot (with the truck driving all over the mountains) that features one of my favorite British (not big over here in a America) bands, Stereophonics. makes me happy to see my boys getting their due in a car ad...

oh, and the office max "rubber band man" spots. those make me laugh.


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