Wednesday, August 24, 2005

today's obscure references

Last week I took some ribbing for mentioning Bananas In Pajamas on the radio. Today a plug for an upcoming Jack Johnson concert caused me to blurt out a reference to G. Love & Special Sauce. Later in the show, a conversation about steroids turned to Carrot Top. I tried to make a point that there are very few prop comics. Marc mentioned Gallagher and I came up with Marty Putz (official site coming soon).

The following email from Rich Hailey made me feel a little better about myself:

I was listening to the radio this morning and heard Marc giving you a hard time for bringing up useless information.

I'’d therefore like to extend an invitation to you to enter the hallowed ranks of the ancient order of the Distributors Of Ridiculous Knowledge, or D.O.R.K.

If you choose to accept this high honor, your welcome packet will include a personalized pocket protector, an HP3 calculator, and an autographed life size poster of our hero, Pitney Bowes spokesmodel and patron saint, John Ratzenberger, AKA Cliff Clavin from "Cheers" and Maj. Bren Derlin from "The Empire Strikes Back." (That should be enough useless information to make Marc'’s head explode!)
I accept! I accept!
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Anonymous jess :) said...

could you ask your friend if I may also join this fine organization? I'm sure I could contribute much to the conversations!


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