Wednesday, August 31, 2005

too bad nobody else is watching

INXS should just give their lead singer job to MiG Ayesa right now. He's clearly the best of the candidates plus he already has an Australian accent. Having said that, I enjoy "Rock Star: INXS" more and more with each episode so I want them to stretch it out for a while. I even stayed up late to watch it after I got home from tonight's Einstein Simplified show.
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Anonymous Beckie said...

Hey Frank...

Good INXS tonight! I'm starting to REALLY LIKE MARTY! At first I didn't but the version of Baby One More time, that you mentioned in your Blog WAS done fantastically by Marty. I really liked "Wish You Were Here"... and I actually think Marty would be a good fit for the band. HOWEVER... he has sung off key from time to time... but I like him! I thought everyone did great last night... I'm NOT crazy about JD though! Can't really put my
finger on why!

Anyway... I'm just about ready to find out who's eliminated tonight! I predict Ty... man! I was so right too!

Talk to you later!

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

I'm disappointed that Ty chose to play the race card when he was eliminated. Or was it another minority group he was referring to? Slightly effeminate Mohawk wearers perhaps?

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

Maybe INXS has already decided on MiG and Mark Burnett is telling them who else to keep around. Ty and MiG were both considered "theatrical" at first. MiG moved past it, Ty didn't. JD adds "drama" to the house. They are editing the show to make it appear that Marty is a legitimate contender. The two girls are still there to justify the reason that they started the show with more girls than guys.

Anonymous laura said...

i watch rockstar:inxs as soon as i get home from einstein simplified, too. my personal favorite contestant was ty, but i was shocked that he decided to play the race card. from a little work-boredom google searching, i found out that ty was one of or THE first african-american to play joseph in "joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat" and he also was in a band that was around in the late '90s, dakota moon. he can't say that his race has kept him from being successful as as an entertainer or "rock star"...jimi hendrix anyone?

i think the show is somewhat biased towards mig. i predict he will win. in my opinion, jd has abandoned who he was at the beginning of the show to appeal more to INXS.

Blogger MaryO said...

Hey Frank,

I totally agree with you that MiG should be the winner of Rock Star INXS. (By the way, what's up with the capital G in MiG??) He is a great performer, has great stage presence and has a good voice too. His performance last night wasn't as good as he has been in the past though ("Hard to Handle" and that dopey bubble gum original song). He looked so nervous. Tonight we found out that he was, in fact, VERY nervous! I still think he's the best fit for their band though.

Marty is a good performer but has a really bad voice. He doesn't fit INXS at all, in my opinion. He would be great in a band you might hear on KROQ (an alternative rock station in L.A. for those of you who don't know.) He's also a little creepy. He enunciates every word really really big and has evil eyes when he sings. And the scary conductor man is hilarious.

J.D. sings everything a bit too "Elvis-y" for me (that's what happens when you are an ex-Elvis impersonator). He's also a little too obsessed with wanting to be the lead singer of INXS. It's almost to the point where I think it's a big put-on. Come on, who likes INXS THAT much?

Suzie has a great voice but seems a bit more Pop/R&B than INXS. She also has a weird eye thing happening when she sings.

I'm really glad Jordis left tonight. She was great until a couple of weeks ago. What the heck happened to her? She can't even sing in tune anymore. I wonder if anything scary is growing in that hair?

Well, as usual, I don't have any strong opinions about the show.....



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