Tuesday, August 23, 2005

who is home watching TV during Boomsday?

When I was in second grade, my teacher called me the "walking talking TV Guide." I would always remind her when it was time for the class to watch a specific educational program on PBS. I used the TV Guide like other people use a Week At-A-Glance planner.

I was looking ahead at my TiVo schedule when I noticed something different about this year's Boomsday coverage. It made me wonder, will anyone show up on the wrong day for Boomsday?

For many years Boomsday was held on Labor Day. This year it's on the Sunday night of Labor Day weekend. For many years WBIR-TV broadcast the Boomsday fireworks live. This year they will show prerecorded pyrotechnics on Labor Day. (Last year Boomsday was held on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend due to a conflict with the UT football schedule.) Somebody might look at their TV listings and mistakenly think that Boomsday moved back to Monday night and that WBIR is carrying it live.

Most people will get the message by listening to Star 102.1, which will broadcast the
synchronized soundtrack to the fireworks on Sunday night. While hundreds of thousands of us will be watching and listening live on Neyland Drive, WBIR will be carrying a NASCAR race. The race must be important. It appears that they will be joining the Jerry Lewis Telethon a few hours late in order to show it. Would they have pre-empted Jerry for Boomsday? Maybe we'll find out next year.
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Blogger Stan said...

A pox upon them for screwing with the Boomsday schedule. Never again should it be moved from Labor Day. Only listing in News Sentinel TV Guide showed WBIR @ 8:00 PM on Monday.
Bad deal, missed the non-existent TV coverage. :(


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