Saturday, August 06, 2005

you're just not right for our band, INXS

I'm a little bummed that the ratings have been terrible for "Rock Star: INXS." I'm one of the few who actually enjoys the show. You could tell things were starting to go bad when the band eliminated two singers at once on July 27. The only reason for that was to shorten the planned run of the series. They will have to do it again soon to cut another week from the series. The show is on three nights a week, which is too much. My wife skipped the Monday night scenes-from-the-mansion show and just watches the performance (Tuesday) and elimination (Wednesday) shows with me. They've now bumped the mansion shows to Sunday nights on VH1. I wonder if the show would have had more viewers if they put it on at 8pm Tuesdays instead of 10pm. The similarities to "American Idol" are enough that it might have attracted some of the viewers who watch Idol on Tuesdays at 8pm during the Winter and Spring. "Rock Star: INXS." is considered a failure with "only" five million viewers. But if all of those people were to buy the new INXS disc during the first week it's out, it would set some kind of sales record.

Reality superproducer Mark Burnett has had two stiffs in a row. I didn't care for "The Contender" but Marc Anthony loved the show and hated that nobody was watching. I showed him no sympathy at the time. I wish I had because now I know how he felt.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Frank...

Sometimes Brooke Burke looks great... the other night when she wore her NIGHT WEAR... well... UM... HELLO!!!! It looked like she just rolled out of BED! It's funny to me how she has such a connection with Dave Navarro! Have they ever had something going on???? Do you know?



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