Wednesday, September 21, 2005

analogous to Clay Aiken

INXS picked their new lead singer last night. MiG, the guy I thought they should have chosen, only came in third. Third? Shouldn't he at least have come in second? The blogosphere has plenty of comments. The guy they chose did write an okay song called "Pretty Vegas" but I think I'll just say goodbye and wish best of luck to INXS in their future endeavors.

At the end of last night's show, Brooke Burke actually solicited for entries for next year's series. That's optimistic, considering the ratings.
What other bands need a lead singer? Could MiG go back on the show and get a job singing for Queen?
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also thought MiG should have won based on his singing ability and stage presence. But, in all honesty, I believe that J.D. is a better fit for INXS. His style is more like their sound.

I'll bet MiG already has tons of offers to lead other bands or even star on Broadway. I think he's better off on his own because let's face it, INXS isn't going to last long anyway.

As for Marty, he should win Rockstar Nirvana.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

MIG was TOTALLY my choice!!! I didn't really care for JD from the beginning. He Sang off key, (as a professional musician I could hear it, BIG TIME) grunted, huffed and puffed...... just stuff... Not very audience appealing, has an attitude... and all said and done I personally don't think INXS will make it with him. Same ole' same ole. Same sound as the 80's...... Hello... over it, won't by the CD!

I would like to see Marty just go and do his own thing... he was WAY better than JD in my opinion. He doesn't need to hang on the skirt-tail of INXS!!! Good for him actually... and

Over all... I was really thinking MIG should have won but INXS, being what it is.... it is probably a GOOD THING HE DID NOT WIN. MIG will make his own way... NOW, that's a CD I WILL BUY!!!


ESPECIALLY ON "LOST", which I can't wait to see tonight!!!!


How about you FRANK? Planning on watching it?


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