Tuesday, September 27, 2005

call him Boudu the Box Turtle

It rained yesterday and a lot of leaves fell in the pool. Around 8 last night I lifted the lid off the skimmer and found a box turtle struggling to stay above water. Box turtles are land tortoises and can drown. Luckily there were enough leaves clogging the skimmer that it gave him some footing and bought him some extra time. I let him go near a wood pile outside the fence around the pool.

Before you make any turtle soup jokes, let me say that it's just an unfortunate coincidence I was wearing a Food Network t-shirt last night.
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Blogger jess said...

oh, how cool. to replace the dear departed Mo (short for Mohave) in your hearts and turtle-quarium?

Anonymous jessica simpson said...

what does boudu mean? is that like some sort of turtle religion-bhudda thing?

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

It's an obscure reference to a 1932 Jean Renoir film that was remade as "Down and Out in Beverly Hills."


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