Thursday, September 01, 2005

that'll do pig

One of our neighbors has a crabapple tree. Another neighbor has a miniature pig as a pet. Last night the guy with the pig took it for a walk around the block and stopped at the house with the crabapples. I grabbed the camera and went over to watch the pig eat. I found out that the pig's name is Phoebe Marie. She was invited over to help clean up the yard by eating fallen crabapples. Apparently the apples are more bitter than usual this year and the humans who own the tree aren't eating them.

Earlier this year the crabapple tree owners pruned it back and left the branches by the curb. My son and I grabbed most of the wood and put it under our deck to dry out. We plan to use it in the BBQ smoker this fall. Don't worry, Phoebe Marie won't be invited. Or served.
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Anonymous jess :) said...

totally unrelated, other than the title, but I always referred to Ruth's husband George (on Six Feet Under) as "that'll do pig".
made me laugh.


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