Thursday, October 13, 2005

instrumental success

This may make me sound like a geek but as a kid I often bought soundtrack albums while my classmates were buying rock and pop albums. A couple of weeks ago the American Film Institute released a list of their top 25 film scores. Most of the obvious ones are on the list but there might be a few missing. I think the soundtrack to "The Natural" should be on the list as well as some Danny Elfman scores. I realize John Williams is already on the list three times but they left off "Raiders of the Lost Ark." What else is missing?
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Anonymous rich said...

While it isn't a score, I think the sooundtrack to American Grafitti deserves to be in the top 25. As is the case in many of his films, the music in the movie transcended George Lucas's limited skills with dialogue and direction, and is directly responsible for the oldies revival that launched the careers of Ron Howard, Henry Winkler, and so many others.

Anonymous Jere said...

I think they should have had "Rebecca" on that list. The music sells the suspence.


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