Sunday, October 02, 2005

take a little time to enjoy the view

Star Jones took a day off from "The View" on Friday. Sarah Ferguson filled in for her. It had to be just a coincidence that Star was absent the day after the lead story on Page Six was about the end of her red carpet duties for the E! channel. The story turned up Friday in newspapers in other cities including Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Phoenix and Washington and all over the Internet on entertainment news sites and gossip blogs. I wonder how Star spent her Friday. I can imagine her (and Al) futilely trying to buy every copy of every newspaper in the country. What day do the supermarket tabloids hit the stands? She may need another day off.
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Blogger jess said...

I imagine Star sitting around the house in her marabou-trimmed Payless Shoe Stores mules, eating one bon-bon per hour (no more than that, lest her rumored reduced stomach bursts), while her bitch, Al "seriously, i'm not gay, see I married Star Jones, bonafide sex goddess" Reynolds scurries around town and calls all his former boyfriends to sweet talk every pakistani, korean, and other ethnic newsstand owner.

Blogger Frank Strovel III said...

Star was in North Carolina Friday to see her brother-in-law off. He was sent to Iraq over the weekend.

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

Thanks Frank! Star showed a photo of herself with the troops on today's (October 3) episode of "The View." She also mentioned that today is the 10th anniversary of the OJ verdict. Like Star, I was outside the courthouse that day doing a remote broadcast.

Blogger jess said...

jeez, has it been that long? I was your intern during the OJ trial, but not during the verdict (i remember bringing you a campus directory of USC in case you needed to call anyone). I was at my work-study job on campus when the verdict was announced, and in shock.


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