Thursday, October 20, 2005

time circuits on, flux capacitor fluxing

Many top-40 stations have a nightly feature where they play two new songs and listeners vote for their favorite. The feature has a name like "Zoom It or Doom It" or "Love It or Shove It" or something like that. Feel free to post a comment with the name of the feature in your area.

Anyway, tonight on Star 102.1's feature called "Star Wars" the two new songs battling it out were "Pretty Vegas" by INXS and the returning champion, "Hung Up" by Madonna. This is 2005, right? Oh by the way, INXS won.

Meanwhile, Van Halen has shot down reports that they would follow the lead of INXS and appear on a second season of "Rock Star."
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Blogger jess said...

my favorite name for it was in Eugene - Thumbs up or the finger...
pump it or dump it...
a couple of the local stations feature it... but I can't remember their creative names for it.
ah, the music of 2005 - like 1990, only more limited...


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