Saturday, October 01, 2005

we know they're together by their matching shirts

On Tuesday, I wondered how CBS would handle the participation of the Black family on "The Amazing Race: Family Edition." ran this screen grab showing how the words "Black Family" were superimposed every time Mr. & Mrs. Black and their children were onscreen. Last night's "Best Week Ever" had a segment about the Amazing Race which included a brief in-studio appearance by the Black family, wearing their tie-dye shirts. Their race was never an issue in the race but one thing did give me pause. During the first leg of the race, the teams usually haven't learned each others names. It's interesting to hear the teams refer to each other as "the Rugrats" or "the Blondes" or "the family from Florida." Toward the end of Tuesday's episode I did hear someone refer to the Black family by using their actual surname. Or at least that's what I thought they meant.
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