Tuesday, October 25, 2005

you see why that's funny...

Thursday night's TV schedule is still kicking my butt. If NBC moves "My Name Is Earl" to Thursdays, my brain might melt. This past Thursday, I caught the last ten minutes of "Everybody Hates Chris" when I got home. My family and I watched "Survivor" on TiVo that night and watched "C.S.I." over the weekend. We still haven't watched "Alias" but my son and I did get caught up on "Smallville" last night.

Half the fun of watching "Smallville" is in doing a MST3K style commentary with my son. We love to mock the mountainous "Kansas" landscape and other cheesy aspects of the show. This past week's episode featured Aquaman who, by the way, was having the "Best Week Ever" according to VH1. At one point in the episode, Lex Luthor was holding Aquaman captive and interrogating him. Lex wanted to know if Aquaman was part of an environmentalist group. Aquaman responded by saying, "I don't travel with an entourage."

The scenes for this Thursday's episode included James Marsters delivering the line, "Clark, there's no such thing as vampires!"
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Blogger jess said...

you must tell me how my beloved "Spike" does on Smallville.. a show I never got into...
did you know I have a signed glossy of james as spike? Bobby Slayton got it for me... I wish I had a scanner to show you the picture!


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