Monday, November 14, 2005


Local doomsayer John Gilmore made national news this past week. Marc & Kim and I spoke with him on the air Friday and again today. John predicted that November 11 would bring financial ruin for New York, Washington, Atlanta, Las Vegas and San Francisco.

The news stories don't fully explain John's views.
His emails to the Knoxville News Sentinel contain much more detail. I can understand why he believes that evils in our society will result in punishment from God. I cannot understand why he thinks that the terrorist attacks on 9/11/01 were part of a government conspiracy. He told us on the radio that no plane crashed into the Pentagon and that the twin towers were professionally imploded like an old stadium or casino. I lost a cousin in the World Trade Center and I took offense to his theory.

John is hung up on the number 11. He says that the Illuminati used it as a signal to each other. He implies that the secret society Skull & Bones is somehow connected to the Illuminati. I wonder if John read all the Dan Brown novels.

John's views got him fired from his job as general manager of my cable, phone and Internet provider. He was also in the news last month when a vintage plane knocked out our service for a weekend. After he was on the air with us, I realized that it was too late to complain to him about the way Knology charged me for the weekend they were offline (I worked my way through their difficult-to-navigate phone menu and eventually got a $7.50 credit). I wish I could have told him that a Knoxville cable system should show the local feed of the CSS High School Game of the Week instead of the Atlanta feed.
It's too bad I didn't meet John before he lost his job and before I called him a nut on the radio.
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Anonymous rich said...

wow! That's, ummm, pretty bizarre.

Oooh. Now this is really freaky! "W" is the 23rd letter in the alphabet. "O" is the 15th. 2+3+1+5= 11

I must be a member of the Illuminati and not even know it!

You know who else is pre-occupied with the number 11?

Spinal Tap! Coincidence? I think not!

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

I had to delete a very long comment that was posted here by "Anonymous" last night. The comment contained certain words that would cause my site to be listed on Google searches for objectionable material.


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