Sunday, November 06, 2005


Larry King wrote his final "dot-dot-dot" column for USA Today over four years ago. While looking for the right terminology to describe Larry's style, I found a parody site offering some "lost" Larry King columns worth a perusal.

In the spirit of Larry and all the dot-dot-dotters before him, here are my random thoughts for today:

The caffeinated cheerleader on the T-Mobile commercials has a voice that makes me laugh, especially when she says that she loves chewing gum... pineapples are twice as sweet as when I was a kid... do parents know that their 12 year old daughters are calling radio stations to request "My Humps"?... as a Redskins fan, I'm glad Terrell Owens got suspended before tonight's game... if someone made deviled eggs with wasabi instead of mustard, I would eat them... "The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror XVI" should have been on closer to Halloween, instead of waiting for November sweeps... speaking of Fox, "Arrested Development" returns tomorrow night, so watch it... some people think it's weird that I bite into a whole kiwi just like an apple or a peach... Star Jones needs to realize why people like to knock her off her high horse... baseball season could start earlier and end earlier by making some spring training games count for real... it won't be long before somebody posts screen captures of Pamela Anderson from today's Fox NFL Sunday... I fast forward through most commercials except the ones for the new Harry Potter movie... thanks to Patrick Holland's Buzz List, I've been looking at photos from film found in antique cameras... sometimes I wish I was related to Bonnie Hunt because she seems fun to be around... if you're going to let your kids get addicted to a video game, you could do a lot worse than "Madden 2005"... don't let me forget to say thanks to everyone who came to last night's Einstein Simplified show at The Comedy Zone!
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Anonymous rich said...

Ok, mr dj man, maybe you can answer a question for me about that song.

The radio edit erases the 's' from humps, yet leaves it on lumps. Does this mean that hump is OK, but humps is not? and that lumps is ok but humps is not?

Come on, are the censors really that picky?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love that T-Mobile cheerleader girl!


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