Monday, November 28, 2005

fall out for elf practice

The season of Christmas specials on TV has started. "Rudolph" is on Wednesday night. "Charlie Brown" is on next week. "Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town" has made it from cable exile back to the network lineup this year. Several TV columnists have done an excellent job of compiling lists of annual favorites. Take your choice from among Aaron Barnhart, Douglas Durden, Mike Hughes, or Mark Washburn.

"Rudolph" has possibly inspired the most fan mania. There's a website devoted to the show and for the past few years action figures of the characters have been big sellers. Last year, when it was the 40th anniversary of the special, my friend Tim gave me the number of Billie Mae Richards, who was the voice of Rudolph. I interviewed her for a "Where Are They Wednesday" segment on the radio here in Knoxville.

We all know which are the most popular Christmas specials. Which one do you think is the absolute worst of them?
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Anonymous rich said...

that's easy. Star Wars Christmas.

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

I have an audio CD of the songs from that show!

Anonymous rich said...

I don't believe I'd tell people that, Frank! It'll get you talked about.

Anonymous Bill said...

I was surprised that “Scrooged” does not appear to be in the Xmas line up this year, not to mention the all time Christmas classics Ghostbusters and Die Hard.

Blogger jess said...

Rudolph, absolutely.
Sat transfixed watching it on Wednesday night.
actually know most of the songs, better than I realized in my conscious mind.


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