Wednesday, November 09, 2005

magazines for miles and miles

A notice came in the mail that said 12,943 of my Delta SkyMiles were about to expire. I was given the option of cashing them in for free magazine subscriptions. Northwest Airlines sent a similar notice that didn't mention anything about expiring miles but just said I could cash in my unused miles for magazines. Meanwhile my wife got a notice from US Airways about trading her unused miles for magazines.

We studied the list of available subscriptions. We had never heard of some of the magazines like "Lucky" or "Cookie" or "Rev."

How many magazines can we possibly read? I guess we'll find out when our 14 new subscriptions start arriving in the mail. Yes, 14. My wife signed up for 6 and I took 8.

My wife chose the following magazines:
Budget Living (700 miles)
Budget Travel (500 miles)
Self (400 miles)
Food & Wine (1200 miles)
Town & Country and Town & Country Travel (2100 miles)
Rolling Stone (500 miles)

I decided to subscribe to these:
Daily Variety (5000 miles)
The Hollywood Reporter Weekly (3000 miles)
Giant (300 miles)
Maxim (400 miles)
Time (1500 miles)
Newsweek (700 miles)
Smithsonian (600 miles)
Travel & Leisure (1400 miles)

How will I have time to read all these periodicals? Maybe I'll just look at the pictures.
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Anonymous rich said...

there are not many people I know who would subscribe to both Smithsonian and Maxim, but you Frank, are one of them...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think one redemption will automatically extend your miles expiration date. I don't think you needed to use all of them for magazines. You should check your airlines Frequent Flyer program rules again.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I called USAirways center where they claim that using miles count as qualifying activity.

I think the best bang for the buck is Business week for 1000 points, I have'nt seen it's sub. anywhere less then $50/y.


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