Sunday, November 27, 2005

obsessive collecting

Today's paper has a review of some new Christmas (and Hanukkah) CDs. I looked online to see if music critics in other cities are also reviewing the holiday discs this weekend. I found a good sized list in the Albany paper. There's an article on the MSNBC site that mentions both new and old albums.

Every year I spend more money than I should on Christmas CDs. This year I've been a little more frugal. I haven't even gone to Target yet to get their annual exclusive "Sounds of the Season" disc. I'm starting to worry that they will be out of stock. Anybody know what's on it this year? The only new CD I've gotten so far this year is "Dig That Crazy Christmas" by the Brian Setzer Orchestra, which was an early Christmas gift from my brother-in-law.

If we were having people over, another MSNBC article tells me how to properly make a mix disc of holiday tunes. I have written previously that some of my favorite Christmas recordings are cross-genre covers. Whether or not I follow the article's advice, I should probably make myself a disc for the car. I've been flipping between three local stations that are playing Christmas music, two on FM (EZ88 & B97.5) and one on AM (Studio 1040) but they are unlikely to play any holiday songs by the Dandy Warhols, Richard Cheese, Poe, the Blenders, Gary Hoey, El Vez, Dexter Freebish and Augie Rios.
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Blogger jess said...

you can't forget the Starbucks Holiday collections. They are my true Christmas collection weakness (aside from the K&B disc that my friend Juan sends me every year).
And, the barenaked ladies have a new disc, which i'm looking forward to.


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