Thursday, November 03, 2005

put the pedal to the metal and burn rubber

Some friends of mine produce local commercials for Charter Cable TV. They will occasionally ask me to do a rapid fire voiceover for them, which is what I assumed they wanted when Justin Benoit called the other day. Much to my surprise, he wanted me to appear on-camera in a spot for Mr. Tire. Justin wrote and directed the commercial. He cast me because he remembered seeing me make a "cheesy eyebrow motion" that he wanted to use.

We shot it yesterday. I showed up at the studio but Justin said that we would be going to his house to use his couch. As Justin and his colleague Joyce were draping bed sheets over the windows and filtering the light through a laundry basket, the words "low budget porn" kept going through my mind. Fortunately, they knew what they were doing and the commercial turned out fine. The laundry basket didn't turn out as well. It started to melt.

In the spot, I sweet talk a pile of tires before making the eyebrow motion, which Justin synchronized to music. Click on the play button to see for yourself.

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Anonymous Gwen said...

I love it Frank! Love the commercial...its funny!

Blogger jess said...

i seriously thought you were going to lick or hump the pile of tires next.
great costume... did you provide your own wardrobe?

Anonymous rich said...

my image of you is totally blown.*

*What movie, Mr Hollywood trivia guy?

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

"The Breakfast Club"?

Anonymous rich said...

right the first time...
next one will be more challenging


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