Sunday, December 04, 2005

begins at home

On its weekend newscasts, WBIR-TV has been reporting that the Mission of Hope Christmas drive is far short of its goal. The drive collects toys, food and clothes for underprivileged local Appalachians. During the same newscasts, WBIR was running promos congratulating itself and its viewers for all the donations sent to the community of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. I've heard that donations for yet another local toy drive were also much slower than last year. Is it possible that people aren't donating to the usual Christmas charities because they're tapped out from donating to hurricane victims?
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Blogger jess said...

we couldn't get anyone on our sales staff even excited enough to get a holiday drive promotion together. I think people are emotionally and financially tapped out from the natural disasters, and from the inflation (gasoline may be down NOW, but it wasn't for most of the year, and home heating costs are expected to be nearly double what they were last year).


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