Sunday, December 04, 2005

flip for Wiig

Over the past couple of shows I've noticed a talented newcomer on Saturday Night Live. In an uncharacteristic move for me, I did not immediately rush to the Internet to look up her name. She was familiar enough that I thought I'd seen her on there before (her first appearance was actually on November 12). She opened last night's show with a dead-on Megan Mullally impression that was so good I watched the opening credits to get her name. Usually I fast forward through them. When Don Pardo announced her name, it all came rushing back to me. It was Kristen Wiig, who was really funny on the first season of "The Joe Schmo Show." Keep an eye out for her.
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Anonymous rich said...

so you're the other guy who watched Joe Shmoe. I knew there had to be at least two of us...


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