Saturday, December 24, 2005

his nipples how merry

When Frank Jr. was three years old, he listened to the same audio tape every night at bedtime. All year round he wanted to hear Wilford Brimley reading "A Visit From St. Nicholas." The tape had an audio signal for pre-readers to follow along and know when to turn the page in the picture book that came with it. Frank Jr. would recite the poem along with the tape and before long he could do it by himself. My wife and I realized that we just had to put him in front of a microphone. I thought that it might be usable on the radio too. Mark Jonathan Davis produced it into a memorable piece for that year's Kevin & Bean Christmas cassette (yes, cassette) which was called "Santa Claus, Schmanta Claus."

Since tonight is the night before Christmas, click on the button and enjoy one of our family's favorite holiday memories.

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