Saturday, December 31, 2005

my weird habits

Les Jones tagged me with a meme. I had to look up the word "meme." The meme challenges me to list five of my weird habits. It was impossible for me to choose only five, so here are ten:

1) I have a thing about periodicals. I don't like anyone else to open my newspaper or magazines before I do.
2) I like to collect DVDs for my archives but I hardly ever watch them. I'm only interested in discs with lots of extra features and I get upset when they release a more complete collector's edition of a DVD I already own.
3) I often interject myself into strangers' conversations with a tidbit of information on the topic they were discussing.
4) I cannot be disturbed during my nap. You can try but my family will just tell you to call back later.
5) I can't stand having food trash in the wastebasket in the studio or our cubicle at work.
6) I have to open computer programs in a specific order so they appear that way in the bar at the bottom of the screen.
7) I love to be photographed with Roadside Americana.
8) I read the obituaries but only the ones with photos.
9) I often go to funerals of people I never met (but I know at least one of their survivors.)
10) I have a special fondness for all things marshmallow.

Now it's my turn to tag five blogging friends with this meme. I choose Jessica, Ken, Frank, Perry and Sarah.

In my search for the word "meme," I found somebody else's meme that looked pretty good too. It's a list of ten favorite foods. How do I join a stranger's meme? Or can I just start my own meme on the same topic?
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Blogger Frank Strovel III said...

You and I are exactly alike on numbers 1, 3 and 10.

Number 1 is the Pristine Periodical Syndrome. An already-read newspaper or magazine is "used" to me and somehow less desirable.

Number 3 is the Cliff Clavin Syndrome. I have it. I don't know why.

And number 10 is the Nothing Made With Marshmallow Is Bad Syndrome. I have it so bad my sister brings me Marshmallow Peeps for every single holiday. Marshmallow MUST be on the sweet potatoes. And I eat way more Rice Krispies treats with marshmallow than I ever did the cereal with just milk. Sad.

I actually watch my DVDs. I'm bigger on TV show DVDs. I'm in the middle of Season 2 of "Scrubs" but I'm actually excited a newer "collecter's edition" of "Ferris Bueller"s Day Off" is coming out in two weeks.

Thanks for the tag. My first meme in one year of blogging. I'll get to work on narrowing my lenghty list of weird habits.

This may take a while.

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

Frank, it was a relief to get your email this morning and see that you were familiar with the whole "meme" thing. Thanks for sending me the link to The Daily Meme. I think others will appreciate it too.

I can't believe I forgot to list my weird habit of trying to be the first to notify my friends in the improv group whenever a celebrity passes away.

That reminds me of another habit, constantly replaying things in my mind and wondering what I should have done differently.

At the suggestion of many, I tried watching the "Monk" marathon today. I loved the OCD stuff but the rest of the show was too "Matlock-ish."

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have to fold my own laundry. too invasive to think of other people (mother, kid, spouse... ANYONE) touching my underthings. also, i hate being sticky. ...suddenly, i miss my therapist. seems like DAYS since i saw him last... ha

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you got the meme thing down, Frank. If ever you're in a quandry about what some 'net speak is, I highly recommend the Urban Dictionary.

BTW (By The Way): Found you here via Bean's new blog. My two favorite radio guys have blogs now? Me=happy girl.

A listener and fan

Blogger BonnieRose said...

found your blog thru google.. I too love doing meme challenges, but to the scrapbooking world...
online journaling, love it!


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