Wednesday, December 21, 2005

the part about the peddler and his pack

Last night the members of Einstein Simplified recorded two lines of "A Visit From St. Nicholas" at WVLT-TV. One of our group, Greg Huff, works at the station as a video editor and somehow persuaded his bosses to let us be part of a montage that will include local personalities much more famous than us. After recording our part, we posed for a photo with anchorman Alan Williams and then goofed around on the news set while no one was looking.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice photos of you and the guys. But how do you rate a hoodie, while the rest of them have to settle for t-shirts?

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

What a great question! I bought the sweatshirt as a Christmas gift for myself last year. You can buy one too at


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