Tuesday, December 13, 2005

that was no speed bump

In September, I was delighted to be able to save a box turtle's life. The College of Veterinary Medicine at UT has done that eight times over. A story in yesterday's News Sentinel reports that eight hatchlings are doing fine after doctors removed eggs from dead or dying female box turtles:
The turtles were hatched from eggs removed from two dead female turtles hit by cars in separate incidents. University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine doctors surgically removed the eggs after the females were brought to the school.

Six eggs were taken from a severely injured female that had to be euthanized in late June. Two were removed from a turtle that died overnight after being hit by a car in Knoxville in mid-July.
The turtles are wintering at the Knoxville Zoo. They'll be released into the wild in the spring. In other zoo news, the animals like playing with unusual junk.

Meanwhile, I'm hoping that the turtle I saved will stay near my house and bring me good luck.
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