Wednesday, January 11, 2006

a moment of weakness

The promo was just too good. I must confess that I TiVo-ed "The View" today. I had gotten tired of the ladies' constant crosstalk but yesterday's promo promised a show with three things I couldn't resist: 1) Albert Brooks 2) a segment about sleep and 3) a segment about favorite food flavors without the calories.

Albert Brooks was as good as I expected. He was promoting his new movie "Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World." The sleep segment was not that great. They mostly talked about new sleeping pills, which I don't need because I have no trouble sleeping at any time of the day I want. Star mentioned which sleeping pill she takes, which is information that will probably show up in a tabloid soon. I wonder how many Al takes.

I am going to have to try the David Burke Flavor Sprays that Star and Joy sampled. They have no fat, no carbs and no calories. The flavors include Memphis BBQ, smoked bacon and marshmallow. Mmm... marshmallow...
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