Tuesday, January 17, 2006

otanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu

Yesterday my son told me that he and my daughter sometimes get embarrassed by my behavior at retail stores and restaurants. Apparently they were mortified a couple of weeks ago when I interrogated a sales clerk to make sure I was getting the best deal on a new cell phone. They say it's actually worse at restaurants.

The topic came up on the way home from celebrating my son's birthday. My wife and I had received restaurant gift certificates for our wedding anniversary, for my birthday and for Christmas. We let our son choose a restaurant where we could use a gift certificate for his birthday meal. He wanted sushi (like any normal 16 year old) and chose to go to Wasabi. Since my wife and I are both losing weight, we needed to find a way to order only 4 ounces of fish, 1/3 cup of rice and one cup of salad each.

Is it more embarrassing for my family that I brought our food scale to the sushi restaurant or that I made them use the new camera phone to take a photo of me weighing my sashimi?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can go two ways on this... Poor Frank Jr., mortified on his birthday! But also, you wouldn't be considered a good parent if you didn't embarass them at least once a week! Also, you get bonus point Frank, for teaching the kids good health and nutrition, even when you go out and not just stay in! Kudos to you! Keep embarrasing them!

Blogger Frank Strovel III said...

My dad used to ask waitresses for turtle soup and to "make it snappy".

Anonymous Frank's daughter said...

definitely the camera phone...the camera phone which you argued your way into getting for so long that we had to pass up the opportunity to be the 1000th customer at the Verizon store...way to go, Dad.

Anonymous Jere said...

The funny thing is...I think Frank was the one most looking forward to getting his picture taken as the 1000th customer. He spoiled it for himself.

Blogger Les Jones said...

Wow, Frank, you have lost a bunch of weight.

Anonymous RainaGJ said...

My dad used to pass gas (quite audibly I might add) in public places then in shock, say MY name! It really didn't help that I was raised in Farragut. ;)


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