Sunday, January 08, 2006

proofreading the Internet

Yesterday I discovered an error on both the CBS News and WebMD sites but I didn't know how to save copies before it gets corrected. Help has arrived! My friend Jennifer B. in Knoxville sent instructions on how to save screen captures of web pages. Here's one I made of the WebMD site:

New reader Christine in Los Angeles sent along a GIF file that shows more of the screen than I could grab on my laptop:

Thanks for the help! I will pay it forward by sharing the instructions Jennifer sent:
  • Pull up the web page you want to screen shot.
  • Scroll so that the part you want to see is on the screen.
  • Hit [alt] and [print screen/prt sc] at the same time.
  • Print Screen is usually near the insert button on a laptop keyboard and next to [F12] on a full size keyboard (best I can remember). If it is sharing the button with something else, you may also have to hit [shift] at the same time to get the print screen function.
  • Print Screen works like copy except that it selects what is on the screen and performs the copy at the same time.
  • Holding Alt at the same time tells it to only copy the window with focus (the one with a blue bar across the top - in standard Windows colors - is the one with focus). Do it both ways and the difference you should see will be the task bar at the bottom of the screen showing up.
  • Open paint (Start, All Programs, Accessories, Paint).
  • Edit, Paste; you should see your screen shot now.
  • Save as whatever you want it to be.
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Anonymous tmacdee said...

Hey Frank, not only did they mess up the story on the WebMD page, but there's a typo in the Vitamins ad to the right of the story.

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

You're right! It should be i before e except after c.


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