Monday, January 23, 2006

pump up the volume

Somebody has been building a gigantic circular cement thing near I-40. I drive past it several times a week and my curiosity was killing me. During a 30 minute public affairs radio interview in November, I asked Mayor Mike Ragsdale if he knew what it was. Even he said he would have to research it, probably during a break from his podcasting.

I finally decided that I would take a picture of it with my new camera phone. The construction foreman saw me and answered a couple of my questions. He said it was a 3.25 million gallon wastewater tank. I said something about that being a lot of poo and he said that wastewater is usually storm drain runoff not sewage. I was relieved.

It's been raining on and off for a few days but our weather is certainly not as bad as Seattle's recent string of rainy days. Three years ago several streets flooded after heavy rains. I guess
it's good to know our local utility company is getting ready, just in case.

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Blogger amanda said...

i drive past this every day...thanks for clearing up what it is! i didn't know who to ask. :) love listening to you guys in the mornings.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

speaking of weird things next to highways, wonder what'll ever happen with the giant Rubick's cube from '82? it sits there, sheeted, under the interchanges of 40, 275, James White pkwy, etc, sadly unanimated and downright forlorn... makes me sad... need to call my therapist again...


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