Tuesday, January 10, 2006

thumpin' good

Way back in the early part of this century, several reality TV shows featured East Tennesseans in their casts. There was Tina Wesson of "Survivor 2," Kent Blackwelder of "Big Brother 2" and Hope & Norm Davis of "The Amazing Race 2." Watching them made me realize that people from Appalachia are really good on unscripted television. Except for Tanya Vance of "Survivor 5," I can't think of any local contestants from the past two or three years.

Things may be changing. The cast of the upcoming "Survivor 12" includes a Sevierville woman named Melinda Hyder. The latest installment of the tired, played-out "Bachelor" series has a UT alumna named Sarah Stone. The recently concluded "The Biggest Loser 2" featured a Jefferson City woman named Ryan Kelley.

I wonder if my theory about Appalachians being good on unscripted television is confirmed or disproved by the likes of Johnny Knoxville and Cas Walker?
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You forgot one. Alan Frye was cast on "Murder in Small Town X". He was a classmate of Johnny Knoxville, and attended S-Y around the same time I did.


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