Friday, January 27, 2006

towel on

Sometime in the last 48 hours signs were posted on the doors to the pool, the steam room and the sauna at a local fitness club. The signs remind members that it is a co-ed club and to wear proper attire. Do all health clubs have signs like this? Or must something have happened in the last two days to give the management reason to make these signs on their computer?

I wonder who was dressing or behaving inappropriately. Could it have been the guy who looks like George "The Animal" Steele wearing his too tight racing swimsuit? Maybe it was the guy with the combover that hangs down his neck while he swims in a tiny Speedo. Or the guy who goes back and forth from the sauna to the pool to rinse off his sweat. I'm sure it wasn't the cute woman reading "The Body Farm" while wearing a bikini in the hot tub. Nobody would complain about her.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

to be honest, i'm a little disappointed that you didn't catch the culprit in the act - that camera phone is not living up to its potential, Frank; i expect more out of you. ;p but don't worry, i'm still happily installed as one of your most devoted Trash Sorters (aka stalkers.) here's hoping you're a step ahead of the perp next time. - amy


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