Tuesday, January 03, 2006

well, this sucks

Independence Air is shutting down. I supported the low fare carrier with my business. In fact, I recently bought a ticket for my daughter to get back to college for the Spring semester. Now her flight is canceled and I'm out $99.20. The notice on their website says I should get a refund once they get approval from the bankruptcy court. Great. How long will that take?

One of the reasons Las Vegas holds no appeal for me is that I hate losing money. I will stress over that $99.20 every day until the refund shows up.

As soon as we heard the news about Independence Air, my wife was able to search for tickets on other airlines before prices go up. My daughter now has a ticket on United that cost $109.30.

In the 18 months that they served Knoxville, I must have made at least half a dozen round trips on Independence Air. I liked the comfortable seats, the online check-in and the easy plane-side baggage check. On each flight they would play an audio tape of a celebrity reading the safety announcements. On what turns out to have been my final trip on Independence Air, the flight attendant said we would be hearing the safety announcements from Allison Janney. I had heard that one a few times and knew that she makes a lame joke about using your cell phone after a "water landing." I raised my hand and asked if there were any other choices. The flight attendant said she also had tapes from "The Fly I Guy" (heard it) and from Richard Lewis. I requested the tape from Lewis and she played it. Afterwards she said that she might play that one more often because it was funnier than she remembered.

While reminiscing, I thought about last year's Earth Day when my Independence Air flight was delayed by Air Force One:

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Anonymous John said...

Hello Frank,
My family and aupair were about to splurge and fly from Dulles (Washington, DC) to Orlando this weekend on Independence Air, departing only 12 hours after the announced shut-down on Thursday night. The only reason that we considered the trip is that the flights seemed ridiculously cheap...too cheap, as it turns out!
Our credit card company has already given us a "temporary" credit. I too, will worry about the refund until it refund becomes permanent.
Alternative flying options were too expensive and risky, so...I-95 here we come!


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