Monday, February 13, 2006

all about the Benjamin

The publicity about Darwin Day yesterday seemed to overshadow another, bigger birth anniversary that occurred last month. Sure, it's interesting that Charles Darwin would have been 197 years old and that things are gearing up for a bicentennial celebration in 2009. But I feel like I missed the hoopla over the 300th birthday of the great Benjamin Franklin on January 17th. Bean made a brief reference to the birthday in his blog that day but I think there hasn't been enough attention given to the very cool website. Maybe I can go see the Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary Exhibition when it opens in Atlanta on July 4, 2007. Won't he be 301 and a half by then?

Most people agree that of all the founding fathers, Ben Franklin would be the one who felt at home if he were magically transported to the present in a "Bewitched" or "Bill & Ted" script come true. Wouldn't you love to be his tour guide? I know I would. After explaining the whole concept of television and DVDs, I would show him "1776," the greatest musical ever made about the Declaration of Independence.
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