Saturday, February 04, 2006

bigmouth Billy Bass

Dr. Bill Bass is one of my heroes. I've only met him a few times but he impresses me with his cheery demeanor and his unusual work. I have probably made more blog references (here, here, here and here) to his Body Farm than anything else.

Dr. Bass was kind enough to spend a few hours at the radio station on Thursday to promote his new book "Carved In Bone" and his upcoming appearance at Borders on Monday night. After an hour long live interview on Star 102.1, he stayed to record another half hour with me for the cluster's public affairs program, which will be broadcast on all four stations on the morning of Sunday, February 12. If there's enough interest from all y'all, maybe I could post the show as a podcast after it airs.

I learned some interesting things during the interviews. Dr. Bass says you can see the Body Farm through the bare trees as you travel along Neyland Drive
this time of year. He also said that a dead body can lose 40 pounds in one day.

Speaking of 40 pounds, that's how much weight I've lost since September. You can tell the difference when you look at this photo from the day I visited the location shoot of Food Network's "Tricked Out Tailgating" special, which they happened to rerun today.

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Blogger Mary said...

hey, were you able to post that as a podcast?


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