Sunday, February 12, 2006

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Today is Darwin Day. Apparently the University of Tennessee was one of the first schools to hop on the Darwin Day bandwagon back in 1997. All their events for this year took place last week but you missed them because I just found out about them today. Sorry.

A news article about Darwin Day caught my eye because it mentioned that some wacky Canadians are parodying Christmas with Darwin Carols and an Evolution Tree. Here's what they posted to the Darwin Day events board:
The Philosophy Students' Union (PSU) of the University of Victoria is sponsoring this somewhat whimsical celebration of Darwin Day on the UVic Campus. On the lighter side, we will be singing Darwin carols of our own composition, exchanging Darwin cards, displaying an evolution tree (a wooden frame on which we will hang, as ornaments, representative sections of plants according to their evolutionary branches), and feature as well a sombre (but somehow convivial) Charles Darwin to spread wisdom, scientific information, and (perhaps) good cheer for the season.

On the more serious side, we will also have a table in the Student Union Building at which we will discuss some details of Darwin's life and work and explain to critics why evolutionary theory is by far the most rational stance to take regarding the origins of life.

A Darwin-themed party will follow. On Darwin Day itself (Sunday, February 12th), we are planning a similar celebration in downtown Victoria, for the general public.

If you would like the lyrics to our Darwin Carols, please contact us at the email address below:
I wonder if one of their songs goes something like this: "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, was the first of an
incipient species..."

Another recent news article by a religion beat writer concerns "The DaVinci Code." The book and upcoming movie draw attention to a little-known Catholic group called Opus Dei. Rather than try to boycott the movie, Opus Dei has started a blog to inform the public about their true mission.

People will always argue about creation vs. evolution. Personally, I believe God created evolution. Thanks to "The DaVinci Code" people can argue about the relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. I'm not saying the novel's claims are true but I do wonder what would be so bad about the Messiah being a family man like me.
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Anonymous Colin Purrington said...

Any plans for a Darwin Day party in 2007? I just found comment about evolution songs, and am going to write away for lyrics.


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