Friday, February 10, 2006

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Tonight is the night we say goodbye to "Arrested Development." Too bad you missed out on one of the funniest shows ever.

Speaking of the funniest shows ever, with the end of "Arrested Development," the new funniest show on TV is "The Office." I plan on sending my wife an Office e-card for Valentine's Day, which they plugged at the end of last night's episode.

Speaking of last night's TV, aside from Stacy Keibler, my favorite thing about "Dancing with the Stars" was the song they played for George Hamilton and Edyta Sliwinska. It was "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps" which I recognized as the theme from the British sitcom "Coupling." They might have used a version of that song on the lame NBC version too. The failure of "Coupling" on NBC may have been the reason they tried a different approach when adapting "The Office" from the BBC version.

Still speaking of last night's TV, "Survivor" let us down by merging the tribes too soon. What's the point of having four tribes if you are going to merge them into two at the beginning of the second episode? Another disappointment was the dismissal of Sevierville's Melinda Hyder. Now that the tribe has spoken, listen for Melinda to be interviewed on Star 102.1 this Wednesday morning at 8:10 a.m. The Febreeze Family Moment was just as awkward as all of last season's, which is why I like them. Melinda's family mentioned East Tennessee on national television.

Speaking of national recognition for East Tennessee, the new book about the Body Farm is a hit. Regular reader Jennifer B. reports that there was a long line at the book signing for "Carved In Bone" on Monday night. According to Jennifer, the book was sold out not only at the Borders, where the signing occurred, but at both the nearby Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million too. Some people may have bought the book elsewhere and brought it to Borders for a signature. I got my copy signed when Dr. Bass visited the radio station last week. My 30 minute interview with Dr. Bass will air Sunday morning at 6:00 a.m. on 93 Point 1 and at 6:30 a.m. on Star 102.1 and Hot 104.5.

Speaking of books, has anybody else read the political thrillers by Joel C. Rosenberg? My daughter gave me three of his books for Christmas. I just finished "The Last Days" and I'm trying to decide if I should start the third one right away or if I should read "Predator" next, which I also got for Christmas. In the past two years I've been reading a lot more. I've finished four Dan Brown books, six Harry Potter books, thirteen Patricia Cornwell books, the first two Rosenberg books, the Dr. Bass novel and his nonfiction book, "Death's Acre."

Speaking of dead bodies, I watched a little bit of "Showbiz Tonight" on CNN Headline news before the Grammys the other night. In between green carpet interviews, they ran a piece about a guy who wants to play a dead body on film. He has a website called Isn't that something?
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