Saturday, February 11, 2006

places to go, things to see

My friend Bean is coming to visit next month. The last time he was here, we went to Dollywood and the Knoxville Zoo. This time I'm thinking of taking him to places with more local flavor like maybe some of the following: Ciderville Music Store, WDVX during their Blue Plate Special show, the American Museum of Science & Energy, the Museum of Appalachia, the airplane gas station and Hammer's Discount Store. It might be worth trying to pull some strings to get inside the Sunsphere. After all my blog entries about it, Bean says he would rather I try to get us a tour of the Body Farm.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take him to Litton's in North Knoxville for a burger. Ignore the rest of the menu and get a burger.

A Litton Burger is way better than a museum or the airplane gas station.

Long Time Listeners and Reader,

Brian Rice

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

I agree that Litton's burgers are excellent. I like the way you have to write your name on the chalkboard to get on the waiting list for a table. Unfortunately Bean doesn't eat any animals that he owns as pets, which rules out beef, pork, lamb, goat, donkey and dog. I'll have to take him someplace to get good chicken, turkey or fish.

Anonymous Brian said...

A good cat burger would work too. Too bad Panda Express in the mall closed.


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