Sunday, February 19, 2006

psychic friends network

Last night my wife and I watched a college basketball game on TV. We tuned in because the team from our daughter's school was making a rare television appearance as part of BracketBusters weekend. After a while, I turned on the cell phone and called our daughter to tell her that the game was televised and that her school's team was winning. I could hear the cheers in the background when she answered the phone. She was at a gathering on campus to watch the road game with friends, so we cut the call short. When she hung up, my phone showed that I had a voice mail message. It turns out that the message was from our daughter, who had called half an hour earlier to tell me the same thing I had just called to tell her. When I called back to tell her I got the message, she pointed out that the game was being shown on ESP... N.
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