Wednesday, February 01, 2006

semi-, demi- or hemi-?

Happy semi-anniversary to my blog! I started posting to it 6 months ago today. I don't know how many of you are reading it regularly but I hope you find it somewhat interesting. Writing it continues to amuse me. I think most readers are in Knoxville (because of links from Rich Hailey and Les Jones) but there are also some in Los Angeles thanks to links from Bean and Ken Levine. A few others arrived via random Google searches for phrases like "pear shaped" or "man eating alligator."

You can help me celebrate today's semi-anniversary by answering three easy questions.
  1. What city are you in?
  2. How did you find your way to this blog?
  3. Which of my 263 posts did you enjoy and/or remember?
I'll start. I'm in Knoxville. I found the blog by founding it (huh?). Some of my favorite posts are:
August - Coldest Beer in USA
September - saving a box turtle
October - Dear Radio letter
November - Thanksgiving parade coverage
December - Christmas music comments
January - Old Yeller dog food

Okay, it's your turn.
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Blogger Jennifer Bohlken said...

1. Knoxville
2. I was looking on your website for your email address and found the blog.
3. Frank, Jr.'s Christmas reading is definitely my favorite. I also enjoyed learning about the M&M issue at the Macy's Day parade. Of course, every blog where I am mentioned as a contributor is also high on my list.

Jennifer Bohlken

Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. What city are you in? Loudon
2. I think you mentioned it on the radio show, but also through a friend.
3. I liked the Christmas song comments.

Anonymous Gwen said...

1. Loudon
2. After hearing you on the radio, I tried to see if you had a website which led me to your blog.
3. I don't have a favorite, I enjoy reading all your stories & quirks!

Blogger Bleg Dopler said...

1. Christiansburg, VA

2. I used to listen to you on M&B in LA. Found the blog through Bean's site.

3. I've only been reading a couple of months, but the Christmas reading was probably my favorite.

Blogger bean said...

1. seattle, washington
2. i found your blog address in a fortune cookie. weird, uh?
3. i do not enjoy any of your entries. sorry, i mean i do not enjoy any of your entries more the rest because they are all so good.

Anonymous Cris said...

1. Clinton, TN

2. On Star's Website

3. Best BBQ....wish i had some :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. Washington, DC area

2. Not sure...think I googled it after looking at the school directory...but we went to grammar school together...

3. Hmmm....having seen you, at about age 10, going around with a pencil in your hand pretending it was a microphone, commenting on events in the classroom, it looks like you always had it in you to be in radio and blogging!! this anonymous poster, Frank! ;-)

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

Wow. I had forgotten about my penchant for pencil microphones. Thanks for bringing it back to me so vividly! I think I know who you are. I will look up your email address in the 8th grade reunion directory and send a note.

Anonymous Pam Mc said...

I'm from Etowah, I listen to your radio show with Marc and Kim every morning from 8 to 8:25 while on my drive to work so I heard y'all talking about it on there. The Body Farm blogs are my most enjoyable. Thanx


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