Tuesday, February 07, 2006

studio b + mtv = studio bmtv

A local fitness club has several TVs hanging from the ceiling for the people on the treadmills to watch while they walk. One TV is tuned to ESPN News, another to Fox News and one plays up-tempo music videos. The sound from the music videos is played on speakers throughout the club. A lot of the treadmill walkers bring headphones so they can plug in and hear the audio from Fox or ESPN. The TV in the men's locker room is always tuned to Fox News, with the volume up just loud enough to hear over the music coming through the ceiling speakers. I don't spend much time watching Fox News but I've noticed two things while I'm changing out of my swimsuit. 1) For some reason actor Wayne Rogers often appears to talk about financial stuff. And 2) Shepard Smith's delivery is more interesting if you can hear an up-tempo rock song at the same time. It seems to especially work with the latest song by The Offspring and that Queens of the Stone Age song from a couple of years ago that I really like but don't know the name of. Anybody know what song I'm talking about? Anybody know why Trapper John is talking about investments?
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Anonymous laura said...

would that Queens of the Stoneage song be "No One Knows"?

what gym do you go to that has tv's everywhere? sounds neat!

Blogger bean said...

i thought frank was joking that "no one knows" the name of that song......

Anonymous meaghan said...

there's a tv in the guy's locker room? i don't remember there being one in the ladie's locker room!


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