Friday, February 24, 2006

this old world is rough, just getting rougher

Last Friday my TiVo started offering some new features from the Internet. The one I like best (so far) is the Podcaster, which offers a menu of popular podcasts and lets me enter the URL of shows I find on my own. Thanks to TiVo, I've finally discovered one of the Internet's most popular podcasts, a show called Coverville. I've written before about my fondness for cross-genre cover songs. It's as if the show's host, Brian Ibbot, created a podcast just for me yet the very existence of the show proves I'm not alone.

I'm listening to show #175 as I type this. The Britney Spears covers remind me of Bowling For Soup (not included on this podcast) and of the episode of "Love Monkey" where Wayne played a stripped down version of a song by Zoe. Maybe the remaining "Love Monkey" episodes will show up on UPN before they merge into The CW.

One of the first Coverville podcasts I chose from the archive included a song by my friend Richard Cheese. By the way, he has a new CD called "The Sunny Side of the Moon."
During a trip to L.A. in 2004, I stopped by Tower Records to see Richard and his band perform. Here's a photo from that night of Richard and me (before I lost some weight):

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Anonymous Pam Mc said...

Doing great on your weight loss Frank, keep up the good work.


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