Wednesday, February 08, 2006

uno dos tres catorce!

Much the same way that some people prefer Coke over Pepsi, I watch "Access Hollywood" instead of "Entertainment Tonight." To me, Access is consistently superior to ET. Both shows had their hosts on the green carpet for their Grammy pre-shows. They obviously taped the segments sometime this afternoon. Access was truthful about the fact that the awards and celebrity arrivals would take place later tonight. ET tried to make it look like they were there live, which is probably why "Showbiz Tonight" on CNN Headline News displayed a graphic throughout their program reading "We are the only entertainment news show live at the Grammys."

Earlier tonight, I saw a promo for ET that horrified me yet made me rewind and watch it over and over again. To hype their coverage of the Grammys, the ET staff got some microphones and guitars and decided it would be a good idea to lip synch to the song "Vertigo" by U2. The worst/best part was the close up of Mary Hart mouthing the words "Hello, hello." They had a link to the video on their website, if you can stomach that sort of thing.
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Anonymous Frank's daughter said...

ew. i just watched the ET clip. i have a theory that Mary Hart and Kathy Lee Gifford are twins and just switch plastic surgery masks every once in a while to fool the public...Melissa Gilbert might be in on it too. MarHar gets creepier every time i see her.

Anonymous Frank's daughter said...

did i say melissa gilbert? i totally meant joan river's daughter, melissa. wierd.


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