Thursday, March 02, 2006

guest commentary

My good friend Mary O sent the following email, which must be shared.
Hey FM! I know you’ve been watching AI so it’s time for me to vent. What is UP with Chicken Little? Are Paula and Randy TOTALLY DEAF??? Ring, ring, clue phone. HellOOO, HE CAN’T SING. And what’s up with that lisp?? Do you know ANY famous singers with a lisp? Why isn’t Simon all over him for THAT? Sheesh. Nice stage presence too. NOT. He doesn’t belong anywhere NEAR this competition. Same with I-wanna-be-Frank-Sinatra-Jr-but-I-suck. What’s with the nanny-goat vibrato? He’s stiff as a board too. And, we can’t forget Tattoo’s older brother Sway. Yikes. He sure had guts trying a Stevie Wonder tune. Even so, he SUCKED. Oye.
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